Give Nautilus windows their own wallpaper

You can apply a colored or textured background to Nautilus windows by clicking Edit ^ Backgrounds and Emblems and then clicking and dragging your choice on top of any open Nautilus window. To get rid of it, click and drag the Reset icon on top of a Nautilus window.

To use your own image for Nautilus wallpaper, you must copy it to the /usr/share/nautilus/patterns folder, and then add it to the Nautilus Backgrounds and Emblems selection dialog. To do this, first copy the image to the relevant location using sudo powers: $ sudo cp image.jpg /usr/share/nautilus/patterns/

Replace image.jpg with the file name of your image. Then open the Backgrounds and Emblems dialog box, as described above, and click the Add a New Pattern button. Your new image should be listed as one of the choices, so double-click it to add it to the choices of wallpaper in the Backgrounds and Emblems dialog box. Then select it in the main dialog box. Note that the wallpaper will be tiled—there is currently no way to centre or stretch wallpaper in Nautilus windows.

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