Give old Macintosh computers a new lease of life

When Apple introduced OS X, lots of less powerful computers were left out in the cold, unable to cope with the high hardware requirements. This is still the case today, as newer releases of Os X simply refuse to work on even quite recently-manufactured computers.

But there's no need to turn them into doorstops just yet. Ubuntu is available in a PowerPC remix that will run on computers containing G3, G4 and G5 chips. However, the very latest releases of Ubuntu aren't officially supported, meaning that future security updates aren't guar-

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anteed. The previous long-term support release, 6.06 Dapper Drake, is supported on PowerPC until June 2009.

The PowerPC versions of Ubuntu can be downloaded from http://cdimage.—just select the version number you're interested in and then click the release link. Then select the "Mac (PowerPC) and IBM-PPC (POWER5) desktop CD" link. For instructions on how to install Ubuntu on older Macs, including a handful of caveats to watch out for, visit

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