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GNOME Do is an exciting piece of software that lets you start programs, play music, browse to websites, create emails, and much more, all without taking your hands off the keyboard. It does this by opening a kind of search box into which you simply type what you're interested in. To start Firefox, you'd simply type firefox, for example. GNOME Do will likely almost instantly recognize what you want, so before you've even typed fir, it will suggest that you want to run Firefox. All you need do then is hit enter. Similarly, by typing a URL such as http://, Firefox will open with the URL. To start an email, you'd simply type the name of your contact (they will have to be in your email address book, of course). To add an MP3 to RhythmBox's playlist, type its title.

To install GNOME Do, use Synaptic to install both the gnome-do and gnome-do-plugins. Once installed, a little extra configuration work is necessary to make it start on login: click System ^ Preferences ^ Sessions and then click the Startup Programs tab. Click the Add button and in the dialog box that appears, type GNOME Do in the Name field, and gnome-do -quiet in the Command field (note that there are two dashes before quiet). Leave the Comment field empty and then click OK, then the Close button in the parent dialog box. Following this, log out and back in.

The GNOME Do search box can be brought up by hitting [Wi ndows]+[Space].

GNOME Do is a very powerful piece of software. To learn more about what it can do, visit the website of its maker:

For an almost completely mouse-free email reading and web browsing experience, see Tip 7, on page 66.

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