Add a menu entry for Ubuntus compression tool

File Roller is Ubuntu's behind the scenes compression (zip) program. In truth, there's no need for you to come into direct contact with it because it will automatically step-in to decompress archives when you doubleclick them, and compress files when you select Create Archive from the right-click menu. However, if you want to run it separately (perhaps if you want to create empty archives with the intention of filling them later, or if you just can't get over how WinZip does things), you can add a Applications ^ Accessories menu item for it. Click System ^ Preferences ^ Main Menu, and select Applications ^ Accessories in the list on the left. Then put a check alongside Archive Manager on the right. Then close the program window.

From now on, File Roller can be found on the Applications ^ Accessories menu.

For other file compression tips, see Tip 16, on page 75, and Tip 174, on page 214.

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