Have a cow talk to you

Do you see anywhere in this book that said the tips actually had to be useful? Me neither (well, I might have hinted at it in the introduction). With this in mind, use Synaptic to search for and install cowsay. Once it's installed, open a terminal and type the following: $ cowsay "Ubuntu Kung Fu"

You can have the cow say a single word or an entire phrase. Cows aren't the only things that can talk. If you look in /usr/share/cowsay/cows/, you'll find other models that can be made to talk. Just specify the model using the -f command option (without the .cow extension). For example, to have Tux (the Linux mascot) appear instead, type the following:

$ cowsay -f tux "Ubuntu Kung Fu"

For a little fun, add one of these commands to the end of your .bashrc file (to edit the file, type gedit ~/.bashrc). Then you'll see it every time you open a terminal window or log in at a virtual console.

You could even combine this tip with Tip 183, on page 221, to have your quotation of the day come out of the mouth of a cow. Just add the following line to your .bashrc line (adding any cowsay command options you wish after the command): signify|cowsay

If you like having things talk to you, see also Tip 13, on page 73, which describes how to use the Ubuntu built-in speech synthesizer.

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