Run the terminal with a single keypress

I don't know about you but I spend about 50% of my time at the command prompt, so being able to open the terminal program quickly is a real help. To assign a keyboard shortcut, click System ^ Preferences ^ Keyboard Shortcuts and look in the list for Run a Terminal, which will be under the Desktop heading. Click the word Disabled alongside it, and then hit (Ctrl)+Alt]+[t].

Any shortcut key combination can be used, aside from those involving the "windows" keys (those the left and right of Space , and usually with a Microsoft windows logo on them, although these can be forced to work with a little system configuration—see Tip 195, on page 234). Even key combinations that are already in use by other programs can be used—any key combination set in the Keyboard Shortcuts program window will take precedence. For example, [Ctrl)+Q could be used to cause the terminal program to start, although it will override the shortcut used by Firefox to create a new tab.

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