Install all the multimedia playback codecs youll ever need

Ubuntu will install the codecs you need for a multimedia file whenever you try to play it. The problem is that you have to be online for this to work. What if you've just installed Ubuntu and are about to hop on a plane, with the intention of watching movies during the journey? To install all the usual codecs before leaving the house, click Applications ^ Add/Remove and then, in the Show dropdown list, select All Available Applications. Ensure All is selected in the list on the left, and then use

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Get better DVD movie playback M 126

the Search box to search for gstreamer. in the list of results, put a check alongside the following—once done, click the Apply Changes button:

GStreamer extra plugins GStreamer ffmpeg video plugin Ubuntu restricted extras

GStreamer plugins for mms, wavpack, quicktime, musepack GStreamer plugins for aac, xvid, mpeg2, faad GStreamer fluendo MPEG2 demuxing plugin once the software is installed (it may take some time, and you might have to agree to one or two license agreements that will pop-up), click the Close button in the dialog that appears.

To enable DVD movie playback, you'll need to complete one extra step. Ensure Synpatic is closed (and no other software installation application is currently running, such as Update Manager), and then open a terminal window. Type the following:

$ sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/

Note that you will need to install the Xine version of Totem Movie Player if you want fuss-free DVD movie playback. See Tip 66, on the following page.

See also Tip 231, on page 272, which describes how to install alternative media players under Ubuntu.

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