Use the mouse at the virtual console complete with copy paste

This is a neat hack that brings a block cursor to virtual console windows so that text can be easily copied and pasted. Just use Synaptic to install gpm. once installed, open a terminal window and type sudo

/etc/init.d/gpm start to get the program running. In future, gpm will start automatically on bootup.

Then switch to a virtual console to see the fruits of your labor. You should now have a block mouse cursor that moves around the screen. You can highlight text in the usual way. To paste it, click the middle mouse button (on most mice, this is the scroll-wheel button; if your mouse only has two buttons, the right-click button will paste the text).

Some software that offers text-mode menus also respond to mouse clicks in this way. Check the command's help output to see if a special command-option is needed to support gpm.

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