I08 Avoid bad formatting when viewing Open Officeorg files on Windows

OpenOffice.org is pretty good at exporting files in Microsoft Office format but there might still be one or two occasions when what you created in Ubuntu just doesn't translate well when opened in Microsoft Office. Provided the document doesn't need to be further edited by the recipient, the solution is to save it as a PDF, in which case its formatting will remain fully intact. The recipient can then print it out at their end, if need be.

To save as a PDF, just click File ^ Export as PDF within any OpenOf-fice.org application. Alternatively, if that doesn't produce optimum results, try printing to Ubuntu's PDF printer—click File ^ Print, and select PDF from the printer selection dropdown.

But what about OpenOffice.org Impress presentations, that include moving images and maybe even sound? In that case, you should choose to export the presentation as a Macromedia Flash file—click File ^ Export and then select the option from the File type fold-down menu. The recipient will then have to drag and drop the file onto his/her browser window to open it (assuming they have Flash Player installed, and most windows computers do).

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