Get the most out of or into a Nautilus window

By default the Nautilus file browsing windows tend to be a little relaxed when it comes to the spacing of icons. Actually, there's so much space between then that you could drive a bus through. To tighten things up, click Edit ^ Preferences in a Nautilus window, ensure the View tab is

View images at the command-line M 144

selected in the dialog that appears, and put a check in Use Compact Layout. Just like the days of Windows 95!

For more Nautilus tips, see Tip 72, on page ; Tip , on page ; Tip 144, on page 187; Tip 261, on page 301; Tip 272, on page 312; Tip 295, on page 343; Tip 165, on page 203; and Tip 132, on page 175.

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