Install MS Comic Sansstyle fonts

MS Comic Sans is the "handwriting" font offered under Microsoft Windows and is supposed to be based on handwriting used in comic speech bubbles. It has to be said that there are possibly more people who dislike it than actually like it, but Comic Sans lovers might have already spotted that Ubuntu has only one handwriting font out of the box (Purisa).

Luckily, some excellent handwriting fonts are just a download away via Synaptic—use it to search for and install the ttf-fifthhorseman-dkg-handwriting, ttf-sjfonts, and ttf-breip packages. The fonts that will be installed are called Delphine, Steve, Breip and DkgHandwriting. Additionally, you might be interested in the ttf-dustin package, which includes a handful of fonts, one of which—Domestic Manners—has a similar "marker pen" feel to MS Comic Sans.

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