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Skype is software used to make phone or video calls, either to other computing devices, or to actual phones. It's proprietary software but free-of-charge. To install it under Ubuntu, the best plan is to add the Skype repository, so that you can then install it via Synaptic. If any updates of the software are released, as they are frequently, they'll be suggested for installation using the Update Manager tool.

To add the Skype repository, click System ^ Administration ^ Software Sources and then ensure the Third-Party Software tab is selected. Click the Add button and, in the APT Line text field, type the following:

deb stable non-free

Click the Add Source button, then the Close button, and agree to reloading the list of packages when prompted. Open Synaptic and use it to install the skype package. Once installed, you'll find the program on the Internet menu. To have Skype start on login, click System ^ Preferences ^ Sessions, and click the Add button, In the dialog box that appears, type Skype in the Name field, and skype in the Command field. Leave the Comment field empty and then click OK, then the Close button in the parent dialog box.

To change configuration options, click the small Skype icon at the bottom left and select Options. See also Tip 96, on page 152, which describes how to ensure others can hear you if you run into audio problems.

If you run into problems with Skype's audio output, use Synaptic to install the nas package. Then restart the computer.

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