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Have you ever been reading a document and wanted to look-up something in Google? In Firefox you can just highlight the word or phrase, right-click it, and select Search Google. However, what if you're reading, say, a PDF file? Or a man page in a terminal window?

A very simple but effective solution is googlizer, which you can install using Synaptic. Once installed, it's added to the Applications ^ Internet menu, so you'll have to manually drag and drop it to a blank spot on the panel for quicker access.

How it works is simple. Highlight any text, in any application, and then click Googlizer's icon to instantly search Google. If a Firefox window is open, a new tab will be added showing the search results. Otherwise Firefox will be started and the search results shown. Give it a try. It's one of those simple things that might just change the way you work forever.

Googlizer can be personalized so that it searches the version of Google localized to your country, or even a non-Google search engine. To do this, you'll need to discover the search URL for the engine you want to use. To do so, just perform a search using either the localized version of Google (for example,, if you live in the UK), or a different search engine. Then look at the URL for the part where your search term appears, and highlight/copy all that comes before.

For example, if I search for Ubuntu Kung Fu using uk, I get the following URL for the search results page: e+Search &meta= I chop the end off, from the Ubuntu+Kung+Fu part onwards, and I'm left with following, which I copy into the clipboard (hightlight the text and hit [Ctrl |+c):

Once you have the information, right-click the Googlizer panel icon and select Properties. In the Command line, add --url after googlizer, then paste your Google URL. For example, I ended-up with the following, as shown

Figure 3.8: Altering Googlizer's default search (see Tip 34, on the previous page)

in Figure 3.8 (note that I resized the dialog box for the purposes of the figure):

googlizer --url

You can also change the icon if you wish by clicking the icon preview at the top left of the dialog box.

When finished, click the Close button, and then test out the new localized search.

Here are some URLs that will make Googlizer use other search engines— just add these addresses after the --url part of the Command line, as described above:

Microsoft Live:

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