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Utilize all a sound card's features M 177

Utilize all a sound card's features M 177

Figure 3.24: Activating a sound card's full feature range (see Tip 135)

Out of the box, Ubuntu only gives access to a fraction of your sound card's functionality. For example, if you have a four-point surround sound system, the mixer window—accessible when you double-click the volume control icon on the desktop—won't show a fader for the rear channels. To utilize all your sound card's useful functions, including the surround sound feature, double-click the desktop volume icon and, in the mixer window that appears, click Edit ^ Preferences. Then select the faders and/or switches you want to appear on the main mixer window. An example is shown in Figure 3.24.

To learn how to adjust the volume from the command-line, see Tip 76, on page 133.

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