Make Evolution more like Outlook just a little bit

Nobody can reasonably suggest that Microsoft "got it right" with Outlook, the email component provided as part of their office suite. However, if you're been using it for some time and have switched to Evolution, you might be annoyed by the slight differences. The good news is that Evolution can be made slightly more Outlook-like with just a little tweaking.

• Forward email inline: Whenever you forward an email Evolution will attach it as a file that the recipient must then open. This can cause confusion. To make Evolution forward email as text within the new message (known as forwarding inline), click Edit ^ Preferences, click Composer Preferences on the left-hand side of the dialog box, and click the Forward Style dropdown list. Then select Quoted.

• Change the plain text font: if you send or receive emails that aren't HTML (ie plain text), Evolution will use a monospace font to display the text. This can look ugly. To switch to the standard Sans proportional font, click Edit ^ Preferences, select Mail Preferences on the left side, and then remove the check alongside Use the Same Fonts as Other Applications. in the Fixed Width Font dropdown list, select Sans from the list beneath the Family heading, and 10 pt from the size list.

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[Mozy] Important Update



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PDF Fteviews



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FW: Ch5



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eBay Listing Started

Abebooks Orders

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22 8:4...

Abebooks Order Received: Sales


[email protected] .com


22 9:4...

Abebooks Order Processed: Sales


shawn collier


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Fwd: FW:



23 8:2,.,

FW: DVD for BUL 3rd ed



23 8:3,.,

Be: FW: DVD for BUL 3rd ed

Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd


23 3:0,.,

Your motor insurance is due for


World of Books


23 3:1,.,

Shipment Confirmation for Abebo

oks Orde




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Fte: PDF FSeviews

Apr 24 12:5...

Cashpoints: Customers in line for billions ...

Keir Thomas

Apr 24 12:5...

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<[email protected],> Reply-To:

<cashpoints-list(5)quardianunlimited,> To:

<[email protected],> Subject: Cashpoints: Customers in line for billions as banks lose unfair charges case Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 12:50:16 +0100 (BST)

Cashpoints: Customers in line for billions as banks lose unfair

24 April 2008

* Banks lose unfair charges case

* Virginia Wallis answers your homebuying questions

* Feature: Q&A: Bank charges

Figure 3.11: Making Evolution more like Outlook with a three-column program view (see Tip 42, on the previous page)

• Always create HTML email: The fact is that, while the world once sent plain text messages, nowadays we prefer color. That means HTML email. To make HTML format the default for new mail, click Edit ^ Preferences, click Composer Preferences on the left-hand side of the dialog box, and put a check alongside Format Messages in HTML. It's worth bearing in mind that some Ubuntu mailing lists, such as those hosted at, will reject HTML email postings—plain text must be used.

• Vertical message preview window: Most versions of Outlook default to a three-pane vertical view for the program window, with the mailboxes at the far left, the list of messages in the middle, and the contents of each mail on the right. To switch to this view in Ubuntu, click View ^ Preview ^ Vertical View. See Figure 3.11 for an example.

For more Evolution tips and tricks, see Tip 7, on page 66; Tip 156, on page 198; Tip 158, on page 199; Tip 172, on page 209; Tip 246, on page 286; and Tip 260, on page 300.

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