Make Nautilus display traditional file permissions

If you right-click a file, select Properties, and click the Permissions tab, Nautilus will show the permissions of the file in a series of three dropdown lists. To be honest, although designed to be simple, these sometimes confuse me and I long for the more arcane but recognizable -rwx-r--r-- style of permissions listing.

I was therefore very happy when I discovered this tweak. Start gconf-editor and head over to /apps/nautilus/preferences and put a check alongside show_advanced_permissions. The changes take effect immediately. Any new Nautilus Properties dialog boxes that are opened will now show a series of simple checkboxes for permissions (once the Permissions tab is selected, of course), as well as a "Text view" section, listing traditional-style file permissions that would appear at the command-line. See Figure 3.44, on the following page for an example.

For tips describing how to alter how Nautilus displays files and file information, see Tip 85, on page 143; Tip 104, on page 157; Tip 165, on page 203; and Tip 132, on page 175.

This is a nice little hidden feature of GNOME. Hit [Alt]+[F2 and type free the fish into the text field. Then click Run. Wait a second or two and you'll see a fish swim across the screen. It's a lady fish and she's called Wanda. Yes, really. She even has her own fan site: wanda.html, and you'll have realized that she's probably named after the eponymous hero of the movie A Fish Called Wanda.

To get rid of her, just click on her. But she'll be back... To really get rid of her, you'll have to log out and back in again, or open a terminal window and type killall gnome-panel.

"ï ■»IMIIJJll.l.lilJ.MJ.iÏJ;!--

Basic Emblems Permissions

Open With

Notes Image Document







Si Bead

gj write

Q Execute


g Read

□ write

Q Execute


@ Bead

□ write

Q Execute

Special flags:

□ Set user ID

D Set group ID

□ Sticky

Text view:


SELinux context:


Last changed:

Tue 24 Jun 2008 12:47:46 PM BST


1 Close

Figure 3.44: Switching to a traditional permissions view (see Tip 272, on the preceding page)

She also plays a mean game of Space Invaders, except the invaders are cows with five legs. Yes, really. To play the game, once again hit [Alt+F2 and type gegls from outer space (note that that's "gegls", with an "l", and not "gegis"). To move Wanda left or right, use the cursor keys. To fire, hit (Space). To regain your sanity, lie in a darkened room for 30 minutes.

You can put Wanda in a tank and have her contained on the desktop by right-clicking a blank spot on the panel, selecting Add to panel, and selecting Fish from the list. If you click on her tank you'll see a pithy or witty motto.

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