Make Ubuntu blue or dark grey or dark brown

Use Synaptic to search for and install the blubuntu-look package, and you'll get a complete theme based around the color blue. Once the packages are installed, right-click the desktop and select Change Desktop Background. Then select the new blue wallpaper. Click the Theme tab and select the new Blubuntu option. You'll need to log out and then back in again for the changes to fully take effect, but before doing that, click System ^ Administration ^ Login Window and, in the dialog box that appears, click the Local tab. Then select the radio button alongside Blubuntu in the list and click the Background Color box and manually select a pleasant shade of blue from the color wheel (this color will form the background when the desktop is loading). Then log out and back in to see the full effect.

If you'd like a glossy black/dark grey finish to your windows, use Synap-tic to install the ubuntustudio-theme package. Then select Ubuntu Studio from the theme chooser (System ^ Preferences ^ Appearance).

If you're using Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and would like to use the dark brown theme slated for inclusion in Ubuntu 8.10 (at least at the time of writing), use Software Sources to add the following repository: deb hardy main

...and then do a system update (System ^ Administration ^ Update Manager). Log out and back in again and then use the theme chooser (System ^ Preferences ^ Appearance) to select the NewHuman theme.

For other tips that tweak the Ubuntu look and feel, see Tip 74, on page 131; Tip 21, on page 79; Tip 79, on page 138; Tip 199, on page 237; Tip 220, on page 255; Tip 274, on page 313; and Tip 289, on page 338.

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