Make your Windows partition read only

Ubuntu can both read and write files to your Windows partition, and the software behind this (ntfs-3g) is said to be very reliable. However, it still gives me sweaty palms—the possibility of data loss is too high. So I decided to make the NTFS partition read-only whenever it's mounted. To do this, start gconf-editor and navigate to /system/storage/default_options/ntfs-3g. In the right of the window, double-click the mount_options entry and, in the dialog that appears, click the Add button. In the Add New List Entry dialog, type ro into the New List Value textbox, and then click OK. Click OK to close the parent dialog. The changes take effect immediately, although you will have to unmount if it's already mounted, and

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then remount it. Note that this will make read-only ANY hard disk you attach to your computer that contains an NTFS file system.

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