Monitor your computers temperature and fan speeds

Some people just like to have a virtual dashboard on their computer, showing the temperature their computer is running at, along with the speed of fans in the computer. If you have a high-performance computer, this can be very useful in diagnosing crashes due to overheating. To see this kind of information in Ubuntu, use Synaptic to search for and install sensors-appplet. Once done, reboot your computer. When the

desktop reappears, right-click a blank spot on the panel, click Add to panel, and then select Hardware Sensors Monitor from the list.

The information used by sensors-applet is supplied by kernel modules, and not all computers are fully compatible. You'll know if you see patently false information (such as temperature readings of zero), although you might first check to ensure the applet is viewing your hardware configuration correctly—right-click the applet, click Preferences, and then click the Sensors tab.

To monitor your CPU load, or alter the CPU speed on the fly, see Tip 240, on page 282 and Tip 106, on page 158, respectively.

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