Quickly hideunhide windows using the keyboard

of between 60-80 good enough for most uses. The following will convert filename.bmp into a JPEG image with a quality setting of 80:

$ convert -quality 80 filename.bmp filename.jpg

For more command-line image conversion tips, see Tip 11, on page 72, and Tip 214, on page 248.

In my humble opinion, Gedit is one of the most amazing text editors in the world. it goes far beyond the usual confines of editors, not least because it's extensible—it utilizes a plugin structure. Amazingly, not all the plugins it comes with are enabled by default and you can enable more by clicking Edit ^ Preferences and then clicking on the Plugins tab. Put a check alongside those you want to activate. If the plugin has options you can configure, the Configure Plugin button will stop being grey. My favorites? Change Case is useful, as is Snippets, which lets you paste in familiar chunks of text (particularly useful for programmers). Once a plugin is activated, you'll most-likely be able to access its functionality from the Tools menu in Gedit although some, such as the Change Case plugin mentioned above, add an entry to other menus (in this case, the Edit menu).

Even more plugins can be downloaded from http://live.gnome.org/Gedit/ Plugins.

For other Gedit tricks, see Tip 10, on page 70; Tip 134, on page 176; and Tip 93, on page 149.

Whenever i start a new mail in Evolution, the first thing i do is click and grab the resize handle and make it bigger. Maybe I just write a lot in my emails, but i realized i could avoid it happening in future by tweaking a gconf-editor setting. Once the program has started, head over to /apps/evolution/mail/composer and change the height key to something like 600 or 700, depending on the resolution of your screen (the

Significantly expand Gedit's functionality

Make new mail windows taller value simply refers to the number of pixels). The changes take effect immediately—try creating a new mail to see what happens.

For more Evolution and general email hacks, see Tip 42, on page 101; Tip 7, on page 66; Tip 158; Tip 172, on page 209; Tip 246, on page 286; and Tip 260, on page 300.

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