Run Ubuntu without Linux

It's unlikely you'll have some fundamental objection to the Linux kernel but if you fancy scrapping it and perhaps moving closer to Linux's Unix ancestry then give Nexenta a try. This uses Sun Microsystem's OpenSo-laris operating system base, instead of the Linux kernel and associated toolset. OpenSolaris grew directly out of the original Unix, unlike Linux, which was effectively a recreation of much of the Unix system.

The OpenSolaris kernel is perhaps more geared towards server hardware and its hardware drivers might be less comprehensive (particularly when it comes to wifi hardware or graphics drivers), but many people consider it a rising star of the open source world. It comes with a handful of system tools, such as dtrace (

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content/dtrace/), that offer many advantages over anything currently offered within typical Linux systems.

For more details, and to download an ISO image so you can burn a bootable CD, visit

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