Save ink when printing

Inkjet fluid is one of the most expensive liquids in the world and replacing cartridges on a regular basis can be depressingly wallet-draining. One quick hint is to print pages using draft mode, and also to reduce the scaling of the print, so that either more fits onto the page you're printing, or less ink is used if you're printing something like a photo.

In the Print dialog box that appears when you click File ^ Print, ensure your printer is selected in the list and select the Advanced tab. Change the Print Quality dropdown list to read Draft, Economy, or whatever you wish (the range of options will vary depending on the make and model of printer).

To reduce the scaling, click the Page Setup tab and alter the setting in the Scale box. I found that a setting below 60% was a step too far (at least for my eyesight), and that about 75% was a comfortable compromise. If you're printing from within Firefox, you'll also need to click the Options tab and uncheck Ignore Scaling and Shrink to Fit Page Width.

To learn how to print more than one picture per page, see Tip 151, on page 195.

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