Scroll without the mouse in Firefox and Evolution mail windows

Both Firefox and Evolution have a hidden caret browsing feature. This is where a cursor appears in a web page or received email, just like in a word processing document. Just like in a word processor, its position can be controlled using the cursor keys. When the cursor reaches the bottom or top of the screen, the page (or email) scrolls.

Caret browsing was designed as an accessibility feature for those who find reading difficult but it's proved popular for every kind of user. This is because it allows people to navigate web pages or emails without taking their hands off the keyboard (there's no need to reach for the mouse scroll-wheel, for example), and also keep track of where they were last reading should they walk away from their computer. In addition to navigation, text can be highlighted in the usual way by holding down (Shi ft) and using the cursor keys. It can then be copied in the usual way by typing [Ctrl |+fc].

To activate caret browsing in either application, just hit (F7 while the program is running. The cursor will appear at the top of the web page or email preview window, although can be repositioned by clicking the mouse anywhere.

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