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One of the fun things about Ubuntu is the sheer volume of software available, and it can be both entertaining and productive to spend a few minutes (or hours) taking a look through what's available. Ideally you want to install the officially supported software because the other software available might not be updated. You can make Synaptic sort by supported software by clicking the second column heading in the package view, but it's a little slow when operating this way.

A better method is to use the Add/Remove program on the Applications menu. By selecting Supported applications in the Show dropdown list, the list of packages will filter to show only officially supported software. As a bonus, you can then click the Popularity heading in the list to sort by popularity, as voted by Ubuntu users who participate in the package survey. This should then display particularly useful applications.

To install a software package, click the checkbox alongside it in the list and then click the Apply Changes button.

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