See the size of filesfolders on the desktop

Wouldn't it be handy to have the size of files written underneath their names on the desktop? No problem! Open a Nautilus window and click Edit ^ Preferences. Then click the Display tab and change the three dropdown lists under Icon Captions to read Size, Date Modified, and Type (or, indeed, the latter two can be anything you wish from the dropdown list provided the first dropdown reads Size). The changes will take effect immediately. unfortunately, the side-effect of this is that all file icons will now have their size listed under them in Nautilus windows. Then again, this is no bad thing.

For more desktop organization tricks, see Tip 104, on page 157, which describes how to stop the icons being aligned, and Tip 173, on page 214, which explains how to add the familiar desktop icons for system functions, such as Trash, or My Computer.

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