Send genuine smileys in your emails

Are you a fan of emoticons, the little pictures of smiley, unhappy or confused faces that help convey emotions in online correspondence? Although they're never more than a few keystrokes away, Evolution can enhance the effect by automatically inserting actual pictures of smileys into your emails in place of the usual :), ;) and so on. The recipient will then see these pictures alongside your text.

To configure this, click Edit ^ Preferences in Evolution, and then select Composer Preferences. Then check Automatically insert emoticon images. Obviously, if you haven't already, you should also check the box alongside Format messages in HTML, because plain text images cannot have images inserted into them.37 Following this, the smiley images will be

37. There isn't a great deal of tolerance in the wider Linux world for HTML email. It's considered an aberration. As a rule, Linux people prefer plain text emails and get annoyed inserted automatically whenever you type a smiley combination.

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