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GIMP can do just about anything to an image but it can be time-consuming to fire it up just to resize an image. For ultra-quick manipulation, consider Imagemagick, a command-line image manipulation program. It doesn't come installed by default and you'll need to install it via Synap-tic (search for and install imagemagick). Once installed, the convert command should be used with the addition of the -resize command option. For example, the following will shrink filename.bmp to half its original size:

$ convert -resize 50% filename.bmp filename_small.bmp

The following will enlarge filename.bmp to twice its original size (although there will be an obvious degradation in quality):

$ convert -resize 200% filename.bmp filename_larger.bmp

For more command-line image manipulation fun, see Tip 154, on page 197; Tip 214, on page 248; and Tip 268, on page 306.

1. You will, of course, know that a serif font is one with "bits hanging off the edges" of the lines that make up the letters, while sans-serf fonts don't have them. A good rule of thumb is that serif fonts are normally used for the text in newspapers, while sans-serif fonts tend to be used for headings. This book follows the same principle.

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