Switch monitor resolutions with a single mouseclick

If you have an external monitor or projector that you occasionally attach to a notebook computer, you might be used to switching resolutions on a regular basis. Unlike with Windows, this isn't just a right-click procedure—you must navigate the System ^ Preferences menu.

A good solution is to use Synaptic to search for and install resapplet. For some reason, although it's officially a GNOME applet, resapplet doesn't appear on the standard applet list. Instead, it must be configured to

Report erratum start at login. To do this, click System ^ Preferences ^ Sessions, ensure the Startup Programs tab is selected, and click the Add button. In the Name and Command fields of the dialog that appears, type resap-plet. Leave the Comment field blank. Then close the dialog box and log out and back in again.

The new icon will then appear besides NetworkMonitor in the notification area. Clicking it will reveal a list of possible resolutions that you can choose-from.

Incidentally, it should be possible to instantly step up and down resolutions by typing (Ctrl)+Alt and tapping the (+)/(— keys on the numeric keypad. Unfortunately this doesn't work on Ubuntu systems because of the way they graphical subsystem is configured. It may work on other Linux systems, however.

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