The tips

The following pages—in fact, pretty much the rest of the book—contains the 300+ hints, hacks, techniques, tips, and tricks that make up the meat of Ubuntu Kung Fu They're arranged randomly, although if one tip builds on another then it will be listed immediately afterward.

Some seemingly disparate tips make reference to others too, and if you're reading the PDF or HTML version of this book then you can click on the relevant link to jump to that particular tip. If you're reading the dead-tree version you've no choice but to wet your thumb and start turning pages (pending a truly amazing technical breakthrough from Pragmatic Programmer's secret lab, of course).

The tips were written using Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS (Hardy Heron) as a base. Most tips are version-agnostic and will work on all versions of Ubuntu. However, a little common-sense on behalf of the reader might be required if she/he is using a future release of Ubuntu.

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