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Have you got a vintage camera that won't work under ubuntu because it's not a removable storage device (which is to say, its contents don't appear in a file browsing window when you attach the camera)? If the camera connects via a serial, USB or parallel port, it's very likely you'll be able to use the gThumb software to access it. This can be found and installed via Synaptic (search for the gthumb package), and once installed will appear on the Applications ^ Graphics menu.

To setup your camera, attach it to your computer and switch it to data transfer mode (if applicable). Then click File ^ Import Photos in gThumb. Then click the icon above the words No Camera Detected. All being well your camera should be automatically detected and you can click oK. if not you can click Choose from the Catalog, and select the model from the list, as shown in Figure 3.17. The Port dropdown should then be filled in automatically, but you should inspect it to make sure. Clicking OK will then cause gThumb to probe the camera and import thumbnails, which you can then download. To make gThumb start automatically when you connect a USB camera, click System ^ Preferences ^ Removable Drives and Media. Then, in the Command text box under the Digital Camera heading, replace f-spot-import with gthumb --import-photos.

Note that this will cause gThumb to start whenever you insert any kind of digital photograph storage device, such as a memory card reader.

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Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

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