Use the Ubuntu install CD as a generalpurpose partitioning tool

The Ubuntu install CD includes Gparted, a powerful partitioning tool that can create, delete and also resize partitions. It's there to aid Ubuntu installations but there's no reason why that's all it should ever do. It doesn't just work with Linux partition types—it can create, delete and resize most Windows and Macintosh partition types. Considering that this kind of functionality costs a lot of money in the form of commercial products like Norton PartitionMagic, the Ubuntu install CD should have a place in any PC repairman's kit—even if they don't use Ubuntu!

To use the Gparted, boot from the Ubuntu install CD, select Try Ubuntu from the boot menu and, when the desktop appears, click System ^ Administration ^ Partition Editor. The best thing is that, while the repairman is waiting for the partitioning to finish, he can use Ubuntu to browse the web or play games on the Applications ^ Games menu! Even PartitionMagic doesn't offer that!

Once the live distro mode is up and running, software can be installed, just like on a "real" Ubuntu installation. If you really are in the business of fixing Windows computers, you might be interested in installing the ntfsprogs package, which, amongst other things, can help fix NTFS file systems. See Tip 38, on page 98.

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