Use the ultraquick xterm to bashout commands

GNoME's terminal program is very powerful but can take a few seconds to appear and I tend to be impatient. So often I use xterm instead, which is the ultra-simple terminal program supplied on all Linux computers that have the X graphical system installed. Hit [Alt ]+[f2 and then simply type xterm. Alternatively, you can create a desktop launcher— right-click the desktop, select Create Launcher, and type xterm into both the Name and Command fields. Leave the Comment field blank. Click

Figure 3.17: Configuring gThumb (see Tip 57, on the preceding page)

the icon button if you want to assign a more descriptive icon. If you want a scrollbar to appear in the xterm window (far too fancy for my tastes!), change the command in the launcher to read xterm -sb -rightbar.

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