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Sometimes it's useful to be able to see the speed of data transfers either across the network or Internet. To do so under Ubuntu, install the netspeed package. This is a GNOME applet that shows both up- and download speeds (represented by up and down arrows, respectively). Once installed, you can activate it by right-clicking a blank spot on the panel, clicking Add to panel, and selecting the second Network Monitor entry in the list (it will have a description that reads "Netspeed Applet").

If the applet seems to show no throughput, right-click it, select Preferences, and then, in the dialog that appears, ensure the correct network device is selected in the Network device dropdown list. You can discover the network device that's providing your connection by right-clicking the NetworkMonitor applet at the top right of the screen, clicking Connection Information, and looking at end of the Interface line.

If you're the kind of person who likes to monitor her/his network speed, you're probably the kind of person who likes to know their IP address too. See Tip 255, on page 296.

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