Zoom in for more info in Nautilus

Did you know that the more you zoom-in to an icon in a Nautilus file browsing window, the more file or folder information becomes visible? Try it! Ensure icon view is active and click the zoom control on the toolbar. You'll see that new text is added to the label beneath each showing how many files a folder contains, or a file's size. To zoom in using the main keyboard, hit [Ctrl ]+[=. To zoom out, type [Ctrl ]+[—. To zoom in/out using the numeric keypad, if your computer has one, use

To change what information is revealed, click Edit ^ Preferences and click the Display tab in the dialog that appears. Then choose from the dropdown lists. Note that, although two file detail items can be displayed at Nautilus' default zoom level, Nautilus is only configured to show one by default.

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