Changing Your Login Picture

If, when configuring the login options on the Local tab of the Login Window Preferences dialog box, as described in the previous section, you selected the Happy GNOME with Browser theme, or activated the Plain with Face Browser style, the login screen will display a picture alongside your name, as shown in Figure 10-13. You can click this and type your password to log in. You might be familiar with a similar system under Windows XP or Vista, or Mac OS X.


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Figure 10-13. The face browser lets each user choose an icon to appear on the login screen.

Users can choose their own login pictures by clicking System > Preferences > About Me. The About Me dialog box is designed for users to enter their personal details, such as their addresses, but they can also simply use it to choose photographs of themselves, or to simply add pictorial icons. To do this, click the empty square alongside your name at the top of the dialog box. You'll be shown a file list of default icons, or you can navigate to your own. Ideally, the image you choose should be square and 96x96 pixels, although if the picture is too large, it will be automatically scaled down. Click OK when you've finished.

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