Transferring Files Between Bluetooth Devices

If you own a Bluetooth-equipped camera phone, you might be used to transferring pictures to your computer using Bluetooth. It's by far the easiest way of getting pictures off the phone and avoids the need for USB cables or card readers. To transfer files via Bluetooth, you can use the Bluetooth applet.

â– Note Some phones refuse to transfer files unless the phone and computer are paired, so follow the instructions in the previous section first. Phones like the Nokia 6680 don't need pairing for file transfer, although each transfer will need to be confirmed manually.

Sending Files to a Ubuntu PC

Follow these steps to send files from a Bluetooth device to your PC:

1. Right-click the Bluetooth icon in the notification area and select Preferences. In the Bluetooth Preferences dialog box, click the General tab. Check Receive Files from Remote Devices. A bubble will appear that says that Ubuntu is ready to receive incoming files. Click Close in the Bluetooth Preferences dialog box.

2. On the Bluetooth device from which you wish to send the file, start the file transfer. On the Nokia 6680, we selected the file and clicked Send > Via Bluetooth.

3. A dialog box may appear on the Ubuntu computer asking you to confirm that you want to receive the file. Click OK. Once the file is received, the file will be copied to the desktop folder.

Sending Files from a Ubuntu PC to Another Device

There are two ways to send files to another Bluetooth device from your Ubuntu PC. The first is to use the Bluetooth applet. The second is to right-click the file in question and select Send To. The second method is useful if you wish to send many files at once, and you will have the option of automatically zipping the files into a single archive (but bear in mind that the Bluetooth device receiving the file will need to be able to subsequently unarchive the file).

Using the Bluetooth Applet

Follow these steps to use the Bluetooth applet to send files:

1. Right-click the Bluetooth icon in the navigation area and click Send File.

2. In the Choose Files to Send dialog box, navigate to the file you want to send and click Open.

3. In the Select Device dialog box, select the target Bluetooth device and click the Connect button.

4. The target Bluetooth device might prompt you to accept or deny a file transfer request from Ubuntu. Choose to accept it.

5. After the file has been received by the Bluetooth device, click Close.

Using the Send To Option

To use the Send To option on the context menu to send one or more files, follow these steps:

1. Either right-click an individual file or select several files and click one of them. Right-click and select Send To.

2. In the Send As drop-down list of the dialog box that appears, select Bluetooth (OBEX Push). In the Send To drop-down list, ensure that your Bluetooth device is selected.

3. If you're sending several files, you can put a check in the Send Packed In check box. This will create a new single .zip archive and add the files to it automatically. Otherwise, each file will simply be sent one after the other.

4. Click the Send button. You may be prompted to authorize receipt of the files on the Bluetooth device, so do so. Bear in mind that transfer of many files may take some time because Bluetooth is not a particularly speedy form of data transfer.

5. Once the file transfer is complete, click the Close button.

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