Control data is stored in a control file and it is used for both source and binary packages.

The control file shown below is the control file from our source package. We can tell that this is for a source package because it is separated into two paragraphs, the first of which always refers to the source package itself and the second and subsequent paragraphs to the binary package(s) created from our source.

Source: xfce4-theme-ubuntu-golden Section: graphics Priority: optional

Maintainer: Ian Lawrence < [email protected] > Build-Depends: debhelper ( > = 7.0.0) Standards-Version: 3.8.0 Homepage:

Package: xfce4-theme-ubuntu-golden Architecture: all Depends: gtk2-engines-murrine Description: A golden theme for Gtk+ 2.0

This package contains the Ubuntu Golden package for gtk2.

Packages can state that they have relationships to other packages in the control file. In the example above the Depends stanza shows a binary dependency on gtk2-engines-murrine, which means that the xfce4-theme-ubuntu-golden package will not be configured unless gtk2-engines-murrine has already been correctly configured on the system.

After the changelog has been written, it is time to think about which copyright will cover the package. This will most often be decided upstream but if you have written the software then this choice is yours.

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