Venerable community-generated *distribution of *Linux upon which Ubuntu is based, along with several other distributions of Linux. For more information, see www.debian.org.


Additional software needed for a program to work.

dependency hell

A situation where a user manually attempts to solve *dependency issues while installing or removing software, only to be presented with more dependency requirements.

desktop environment

Software that provides the graphical user interface, such as the desktop, trash facility, file manager, and so on. Examples available for *Linux include *Gnome, *KDE and *Xfce, but there are many others.

device file

Special files, usually contained in the /dev folder, that provide access to hardware, or a particular function provided by the kernel.


Another word for a filesystem folder.


A version of the *Linux operating system. Shortened to "distro".


Debian Packaging system; the basic software subsystem that gets software on and off the system. See also *APT.


If Windows and Ubuntu are installed on the same computer, it is said to dual-boot. A computer might also triple-boot if three operating systems are installed.

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