Adding Groups

If you need to add a new group to your Ubuntu workstation, follow these steps:

1. Click the Add Group button from the Groups Settings window. The New Group dialog box, shown in Figure 17-8, appears.

Figure 17-8: The New Group dialog box.

2. Enter a name for the new group. Group names must start with a letter and can contain only numbers and lowercase letters.

3. Select a group ID for the new group. Just like with user accounts, Ubuntu tracks groups based on a unique numerical ID value. The New Group dialog box suggests the next available group ID value on the system as a default. You can change this number if you desire, but be careful that each group you create uses a unique group ID value.

4. Select the members that belong to the new group from the user list. The user list displays the full names of each user account created on the system. Check the box next to each of the users you want to belong to the new group. The group will be added to that user's list of groups.

5. Select the OK button to save the new group definition and members.

The new group now appears in the list of existing groups on the main Groups Settings window.

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