Inhibit Applet Invest

Keyboard Accessibility Status

Keyboard Indicator

Lock Screen Main Menu Menu Bar Modem Monitor Notification Area Pilot Applet Pointer Capture


Run Application

Search for Files Separator Show Desktop

Sticky Notes

System Monitor

Terminal Server Client Applet

Tomboy Notes


User Switcher Volume Control Weather Report Window List

Window Selector

Workspace Switcher

Blocks automatic power-saving features from enabling Tracks your investments

Displays status of the keyboard accessibility features

Displays the type of keyboard detected and provides a menu for easily setting keyboard features

Runs a password-protected screen saver

Adds a consolidated menu icon

Adds a complete Ubuntu panel menu

Activates and displays the status of a dial-up modem network connection Creates an area for notification icons Interfaces with a connected Palm Pilot device

Provides a region that, when clicked, locks the mouse pointer device to prevent unintended mouse clicks

Provides a Log Out/Shut Down menu

Allows you to quick-start an application by typing it in or selecting it from a list of known applications

Searches filenames and file contents for words

Places a vertical bar on the panel to separate icons

Minimizes all maximized applications, or maximizes all minimized applications when clicked

Places an electronic sticky note on your desktop Provides basic system load information in a handy graph Connects to a remote server session using terminal server software

Organizes note taking

Puts unneeded files and folders in the trash area. Must be manually emptied to delete the files

Suspends the logged-in user and allows logging in to another user account Changes the volume of the PC speakers

Connects to Internet weather sites and displays current conditions

Provides a group of buttons to easily switch between open windows on the desktop

Provides a simple menu to easily switch between open windows on the desktop

Switches between desktop workspaces

That's quite a lot of applets to choose from! The following sections give a brief overview of some of the more common applets.

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