DNS Server

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What Is DNS?

Using Ubuntu DNS Client Programs Configuring a DNS Server

What's in a name? Plenty, if you're a Montague or are using the Internet. How would you react if your favorite product was advertised on television stating, "Just visit our web site at for more information"? Unfortunately, humans do not process numbers as well as computers do. To compensate for that, systems administrators use names to identify their computer systems. The domain name system (DNS) was developed to help humans easily locate computer names on the Internet. If you choose to let your ISP handle your domain name and email, you may not need to know the details about DNS configurations, but it might not be a bad idea to know how DNS works in general (just in case of any problems). This chapter discusses where DNS came from, why it is so vital to email and web operations, and how you can configure your Ubuntu server to utilize it either as a client or as a DNS server.

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