Figure 816 The Transmission window with a file downloading

4. After the download completes, keep Transmission running in background for a while.

Proper net etiquette dictates that you allow Transmission to continue running so that other BitTorrent clients can retrieve pieces of the download file from you. They have access only to the files you offer in your Transmission session and nothing else on your workstation. The Ratio status for the file indicates how much of the file remote clients have uploaded from you compared to what you've downloaded. It's polite to keep Transmission running at least until you obtain a 1:1 ratio.

5. Stop Transmission and halt the BitTorrent connection by selecting Torrent O Quit from the menu.

Transmission places the downloaded file in the same folder as the .torrent file.

Although BitTorrent is the wave of the future, plenty of Internet sites still require you to download files using the file transfer protocol (FTP). You will often find file repositories for applications, utilities, and other neat stuff on FTP sites. Unfortunately, Ubuntu doesn't include a graphical FTP client by default, but you can easily add one.

The gFTP program is a popular FTP client for the GNOME desktop environment. It contains a host of advanced features that make it a popular file download program and allow you to

♦ Download files simultaneously

♦ Interrupt and resume transfers

♦ Download entire directories with a single command

♦ Choose passive or active downloading

♦ Drag and drop files between Nautilus and gFTP

♦ Transfer files securely with SSH and SSH2

You can use the Ubuntu Add/Remove application (discussed in Chapter 13, "Software Installs and Updates") to download and install the gFTP package. Just go to the Internet section of the Add/Remove application, and you'll see it listed.

After you install gFTP, you can easily download files from FTP repositories on the Internet. Just follow these steps:

1. Click Applications O Internet O gFTP.


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