Figure 912 The Evolution Junk Mail Preferences settings dialog box

Ubuntu installs the BogoFilter plug-in as the default system spam filter program for Evolution to help eliminate spam. You can install SpamAssassin as a separate plug-in using the Synaptic Package Manager (see Chapter 13, "Software Installs and Updates").

The Bogofilter Bayesian spam-filtering process works best when it has many data samples to learn from. As spam messages come into your inbox, don't delete them. Take the extra time to mark those messages as spam by clicking the Junk button in the Evolution toolbar. This step helps expand the Bayesian data model for Bogofilter and block future spam messages.

Likewise, if Bogofilter should mark any valid messages as junk, you'll want to click the Not Junk button in the toolbar so that Bogofilter doesn't make the same mistake on future messages.

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