The File menu contains items to create and manage the Terminal tabs.

♦ Open Terminal: Starts a new shell session in a new GNOME Terminal window.

♦ Open Tab: Starts a new shell session in a new tab in the existing GNOME Terminal window.

♦ New Profile...: Allows you to customize the tab session and save it as a profile that you can recall for use later.

♦ Close Tab: Closes the current tab in the window.

♦ Close Window: Closes the current GNOME Terminal session, including all active tabs.

Most of the items in the File menu are also available by right-clicking in the session tab area.

The New Profile entry allows you to customize your session tab settings and save them for future use. The New Profile first requests that you provide a name for the new profile, then produces the Editing Profile dialog box, shown in Figure 19-3.

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¿General j Title and Command

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Profile name:



0 Use the system fixed width font

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Profile icon:


Allow bold text

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|W] lerminal hell

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Q Close


Q Close

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