Keyboard Features

The accessibility features in the GNOME desktop also include special keyboard handling features:

♦ Accessible Feature Keys: Enable and disable the accessibility features via the keyboard.

♦ Sticky Keys: Simulate multikey presses by typing one key at a time.

♦ Slow Keys: Accept only long key presses to prevent stray key presses.

♦ Bounce Keys: Ignore duplicate key presses.

You can access the keyboard accessibility features in two ways. The first method uses the Assistive Technologies window. Just click the Keyboard Accessibility button.

The second method is to use the Keyboard Configuration tool by clicking System O Preferences O Keyboard from the Panel menu. Either way, you get the Keyboard Preferences dialog box, shown in Figure 4-15.

Figure 4-15: The GNOME Keyboard Preferences dialog box.

The Accessibility tab provides the settings for configuring your keyboard.

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