Figure 17-11 : The Permissions tab in the Properties window.

These permissions correspond to the three classes of permissions for the file or folder. You set specific access rules for each group of permissions using the drop-down boxes provided. The permissions available depend on whether the object is a file or folder. The permissions for folders are shown in Table 17-2.

Table 17-2: Ubuntu Folder Permissions



List files only

Be able to see the files in the folder but not be able to read or write to the

individual files

Access files

Read and write to existing files in the folder

Create and

Full access to all files in the folder, including creating new ones

delete files


No access to view or use the files in the folder

You can use these permissions to restrict access to a folder or allow access for other users

to a folder if you want to share files on your system.

The permissions

for an individual file are shown in Table 17.3.

Table 17-3: Ubuntu File Permissions




No access to the file


Only able to view the contents of the file

Read and write

Able to view and modify the contents of the file

Read-only permission allows you to permit others to view a file but not change its contents. This restriction can come in handy when posting information that you want to control on your system.

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