Playing Audio Files

Rhythmbox can play audio files stored in the music library. The main Rhythmbox library area is the Music folder under your home folder. When you select the Music link in the Library section of the main page, Rhythmbox displays the files it finds in your library.


If you attempt to play an audio file that Ubuntu doesn't have a codec for, it displays a warning message, shown in Figure 11-7.

Figure 11-7: The Ubuntu audio file codec warning message.

If your workstation is connected to the Internet, click the Search button for Ubuntu to attempt to locate an appropriate codec for the audio file type in its package repositories. If it finds one or more codec packages that can handle the audio file format, it displays them in an selection box, shown in Figure 11-8.

Figure 11-8: The Ubuntu audio codec installation window.

Just select a codec program to automatically install it to add support for the audio file format on your workstation.

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