Starting Firestarter

The Firestarter program doesn't run automatically after you install it. You must run it once to set up the firewall parameters before it can start. After that, the Firestarter firewall will start automatically on your system.

Here are the steps for running Firestarter the first time:

1. Start Firestarter by selecting either System O Administration O Firestarter, or Applications O Internet O Firestarter.

2. The Firestarter Wizard starts, shown in Figure 14-16.

riKc-.rvt«rc« Welcome to Firestarter

This vf 'will help yuu fcg ;,eL up a iiiewdll Tue yuui Unu* marline. You will be asked '. 1;i - e quesLiuns about your network setup in order to customize the firewall for your system.

Tip If yau arc uncertain of how to answer a question it is ¡ ■ v.' - use the default value supplied.

Please press the forward button to continue.


: Le';. Forward .

! Save


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