This chapter walked through the features of the Evolution software package. Evolution is much more than a simple email program. It is a full-featured personal organizer, containing email, a calendar, an address book, a memo taker, and a task scheduler.

Evolution is a popular email program for the GNOME desktop environment. It allows you to manage mail from local and remote email accounts. You can easily manage multiple email accounts from the single Evolution desktop.

After explaining how to configure your email accounts, the chapter walked through how to send messages and how to organize your mail using mail filtering. Evolution interfaces with the Bogofilter spam program to help spot spam and redirect it to a separate folder on your system.

Next, the chapter discussed other features of Evolution. It showed how to use the address book in Evolution to store your contact information, the calendar to mark appointments, and the task scheduler to store and track important tasks you need to remember.

In the next chapter we'll take a look at the graphics programs included with Ubuntu. Programs are available for most of the graphics processing you'll need to do.

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