The Desktop Workspace

As mentioned in "The Places Menu" section in this chapter, the GNOME desktop workspace is a normal folder in each user's home folder. There are three basic types of objects you can have on your desktop:

♦ Shortcuts to launch applications


♦ Files for documents

Ubuntu developers have changed their thinking on the desktop workspace area. In the past, Ubuntu had provided a few default desktop icons for each user, such as an icon linked to the user's home folder (called Home) and an icon (called Computer) that linked to the root of the virtual filesystem directory.

These icons are still in the LiveCD Ubuntu desktop, but once you install Ubuntu the desktop workspace changes. In the last few releases of Ubuntu, the Ubuntu developers have taken a different approach to the desktop. Now there's nothing in the workspace area! The default Ubuntu desktop starts out as a blank slate.

You're free to add your own desktop icons, as described in the "Adding Desktop Icons" section.

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